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Welcome to Byte Computers!

Byte Computers is a team of dedicated professionals with decades of collective experience in the computer and high-tech industry. We are passionate about our products and service what we sell.

Helping support local businesses in Victoria BC since 1996. 

As Apple Resellers we have access to the full line of new Apple computers and accessories. Our pricing is the same as Apple’s Canadian online store.

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Drobo releases new Thunderbolt RAIDS

It’s a Drobo, so by definition it’s easy-to-use. Now it’s also the fastest portable storage array—with cutting-edge Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity and innovative use of solid state drives (SSDs). Along with the power ofBeyondRAID, it delivers all the power and flexibility of its larger sibling, Drobo 5D, in a miniaturized package.

Whether you’re working at your desktop, shooting and editing photos or videos onsite, or traveling to the next location, it’s the world's first high-performance and protected portable storage array. So now you can take and access your valuable digital assets wherever you go. Easiest, fastest, safest, smallest—Drobo Mini is unique and unexpected—but frankly that’s what you should expect from Drobo.


Flashback Malware

The mac has it's first real virus concern.  Flashback Malware is a very real threat that has been experienced by Byte Computers personally.  Make sure you download the Java update posted to 'Software Updates' on April 3rd if you are running 10.7 Lion.



Moore Associates changes name to Byte Computers

On October 15th Moore Associates will be known as Byte Computers. This isn't a change to the company or a change of ownership. This is merely re-branding and update of our image. We feel the new name is more relevant to the services we provide and will help new customers find us while still providing the same great service to our existing customers.


The New Mini Server

Apple in the last product update has created a new mini server. Based on the mini, they have removed the DVD drive and replaced it with a second 500 GB drive (which can be mirrored) to give it some redundancy. The real bonus is the bundling of Snow Leopard Server with the hardware for a Canadian price of $1099.

For those going to their local Apple dealer to get one, they might find that they are hard to find, Apple in their wisdom have made it difficult to impossible for the smaller Apple dealers to buy them, and if the dealer can find one they will make $50 profit on it.

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